Welcome To The Team Sam Hoeben

We’re super excited to announce that we have a NEW HIRE, in Sam Hoeben taking on the role of account director.

Sam joins us after 12 years media agency experience in Sydney working on clients such as Kelloggs, HSBC, McDonald’s and Diageo.

Most recently, Sam was Group Account Director at Maxus was responsible for planning and implementation across the GSK and Hungry Jack’s accounts.

Sam Hoeben
Sam Hoeben

“Sam’s had a seat at the table with some of Australia’s most senior marketers and CEOs. Although a media strategist at heart, his knowledge and career pathway has seen him giving recommendations beyond media talking to broader business and marketing objectives,” said New Beach managing director Dave (Gravy) Keam.

“Not only is he a great fit for the team, but we’re stoked with the depth of knowledge and experience Sam’s bringing to the table and his extensive network across all media.”

Speaking to Mumbrella, Hoeben says he’s “super excited to be joining Dave and the team at New Beach Media”.

“[New Beach has] such an interesting and diverse portfolio of local and international brands with a clear digital mindset,” he said.

“After a media focus to my career, I can’t wait to dive into merging my planning experience with content production and digital innovation, especially on iconic brands such as Fireball Whisky and Southern Comfort.”

Do you have a brand that needs help with its digital direction? Get in touch: [email protected]

5 Key Takeouts From Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

The Evolution of Social

Facebook hosted the opening keynote for its annual developer’s conference today with a number of game-changing announcements made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Here are the top 5 takeouts from Day 1 of the conference that you need to know:

1. The Future Is Private

Privacy is one of the main factors that’s been repeatedly emphasised at F8. End-to-end encryption on the messenger app along with Whatsapp and Portal will secure the way we communicate in the digital living room. Given this new and improved security, Whatsapp will soon be launching a business product with the option to send and receive payments via the app. It’s ironic how Facebook is working on rebuilding trust by promising total privacy when the network has built itself on sharing. By meshing all of the above communication apps, the tech giant will have access to more data than ever before, including heaps more intel on our consumer behaviour.

2. Messenger Facelift

Facebook Messenger is aiming to be one of the fastest communicating apps in the industry. Its purpose being to solidify itself as a dedicated place for your closest connections. It’s even announced that a desktop version of the app will be introduced. Messenger users will also have the ability to communicate directly with Whatsapp and Instagram users within the app — whether in messages or video calls.

3. Facebook To Prioritise Groups & Events

Facebook Prioritise Groups F8 2019
Image: Facebook

Across all of Facebook’s products, the bottom line is that they are striving for “tools to be used for good”. Taking this into account, Facebook are going to begin downplaying the newsfeed and highlighting groups and events in order to create a more personalised community for its users. New features will include;  a stand-alone “Groups tab” and a personalised feed from the groups you’ve joined. You will also be able to posts to Groups in composer and even pause your newsfeed so you begin scrolling where you left off.

4. Instagram Introduces Ways To Combat Bullying

Instagram is testing out several features in a bid to reduce bullying on the platform. With the rise of influencer fame and unachievable lifestyles, this is a welcomed direction to pro-actively encourage the culture of kindness.

  • Private Like Counts – posts no longer
  • A new profile design to make the follower count appear less prominent
  • Comment filters – users who take it too far will receive a gentle warning in the form of a “nudge” from Instagram
  • Away Mode – A setting for users to switch on when they’re feeling vulnerable and need a break from social media.

The platform has also announced a new “Create Mode” camera feature where users can share content beyond photos and videos, such as links and quizzes.

5. Doubling Up With VR

Two new virtual-reality headsets, the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, will go on sale on May 21st at an affordable USD $399. The completely wireless Oculus Quest is set to transform the VR industry with zero cables and total freedom of movement. The new headset will also feature a casting function to any device along with movement mapping. The rollout of VR is an exciting time for brands to incorporate wearable technology into their campaigns.

We as marketers, know all too well that the digital landscape is ever-changing. Technology and more importantly, the way we use technology is in constant shift and we must learn to adapt and grow with it in terms of how we communicate our brands’ messaging. All of the above announcements will impact our future digital strategies with one of the biggest changes to take into account being Facebook favouring Groups and Events rather than pages.

The evolving digital guerillas at New Beach Media are not one bit phased by change and are happy to assist you in understanding Facebook’s new direction. Get in touch: [email protected]

10 Reasons Why Working In Marketing In A Regional Town Beats Any City

Small town thinking for big city marketers

I’ve worked on 3 of Australia’s biggest brands; Toyota, Westpac and Qantas. I’ve worked on big multi-million dollar pitches to thousand dollar budget small client pitches. I’ve donated my spare time working in marketing for not-for-profits and charities to friends’ upcoming businesses. However, nothing could have prepared me for everything I have learned since moving to, and working in, a regional town.

We all deserve the right to be happy in work, as well as life.

I started my career in marketing 8 years ago for a small independent agency working on big budget clients. I had – on and off – travelled the world and recently completed a Bachelor of Arts. Everything I knew about marketing I Googled before the interview. It wasn’t easy. A 2 hour group interview, an 8-page written doc and a half hour presentation. I was given a chance to prove I could do it, and I did.

At my former agency, we were encouraged to pursue whatever avenue of the business we were interested in and I was fortunate enough to be able to move into strategy and insights. I worked under some of the most incredible women who gave me the confidence to believe I was smart enough to be there. Media, as we know, has a very high turnover and eventually I left but it wasn’t the work or the agency, it was the industry. I was sick of the lunches, the constant competition between media providers and the back-to-back meetings, whilst spending all my working days replying to emails.

I decided I wanted a new challenge and moved to a very well-known publisher working in content and production. Again, this was a new skill for me but I proved I could do it. I spent a good year travelling intermittently over the world, (at the envy of everyone back home) but something was still missing. I spent my spare time on my phone checking emails, I was always worried that something wasn’t going to get done and the worst of all is that I knew I wasn’t giving my job the best work because there was never enough time. This isn’t unique to the agency either, it’s something the industry forces out of us. We’re all battling each other for money from clients or for someone else’s job or for a better deal on a proposal. So I quit and went travelling for a few months to clear my head. When I moved back I decided I wanted to do something new, a sea change from Bondi to Byron. Heard it before hey?

So here enters my small town. Yes, Byron Bay might not be a small town to you but for us who live here, we have no traffic lights, a population of 9,000 (residents) and my street is so barely lit that at night I find myself often falling into the many potholes… but that’s ok because I’m always looking at the stars when I do. Thanks to Mr Wilde.

I’m incredibly fortunate, this opportunity is rare. Most people who work here are in retail or hospitality but I’ve landed my dream job with my dream team in my dream town. So in light of that I wanted to share with you what it’s like, so maybe you can take some of this ‘small town thinking’ into your big city living.

1. We don’t get distracted by shiny things.

Our media partners are chosen because of their worth, not by where they take us out to lunch. That means no cupcakes, no parties, no exclusive event invites. You might be thinking, “woah, that doesn’t sound fun?”. Let me tell you, when you remove the bullshit from relationships I promise you can deliver more for your clients.

2. Even playing field

My boss and agency founder, is the guy in front of camera and behind it. We’re all equal even though our job titles might not say it. There’s no competition to be better than someone else in the office, unless it comes to making the best coffee.

3. Money where your mouth is

We’ve grown one of Australia’s largest beer brands, Carlton Dry, on social for the last 5 years and it wasn’t even noted (at all) in the ‘top beer brands’ on a company’s Digital’s Facebook report in 2017, though we ranked 7. We create campaigns for our consumers, not for media owners. They are the focus, not how many awards we win.

4. Not a minute wasted

Instead of spending 5 hours a day grooming and trying to get work, we get up at sunrise, run on the beach, we go to the coffee shop and class all whilst getting to work before 8 which means by the time I start, I’m happy, healthy and not stressed because I sat on Bondi Road on a bus for 1 hr to just to get to the station to sit on a train for another.

Weekly Yoga with our resident guru @stinayoga

5. Limited ‘face time’

Clients don’t judge us by our appearances. We don’t get too much face time with our clients so instead of emailing or spending hours in death-by-powerpoint, we pick up the phone and actually speak to them. We get judged by what we’re saying and the work we do, not by the marketing lingo we type in emails.

6. Big bang for small buck

We’re not motivated by money. We work to keep living the lifestyle we have, not to make millions of dollars (even though we wouldn’t say no to it) which is why we give all our clients maximum efficiencies for less dollars.

7. We only answer to Huey

The Surf God, in case you didn’t know. The only time you might find us out of the office is because the surf’s just too good. This means we’re not running off to meetings all over town or answering to some dude sitting in a glass office overlooking the harbour. We’re getting shit done and we get it done fast. Unless there are waves.

8. Rules? What rules?

We’re not restricted by people telling us what we can and can’t do. There’s no one holding us back here. We come up with out there ideas for our clients that are backed up by real consumer needs.

9. Bliss in being naïve

Other than reading the media news, we’re pretty isolated from what political drama is going on in the industry. We’re not constantly trying to compete, we focus our time on being us and not pretending to be something we’re not.

And finally…

10. Family first  

The most important one of all, but not the way you think. Most of us don’t have our families here so we’re all each other have in this small town. We support each other through every aspect of each other’s lives whether that be at home or in the surf. It’s kind of hard to keep any secrets when there’s only 6 of you in a warehouse. We know pretty much everything about each other’s lives because we actually talk to each other and staff that talk and communicate together get the best results. We look after each other just as much as we look after our clients.

So that’s it, it’s possible to be happy at work as well as in the rest of your life. You don’t have to settle for ‘it pays the bills’. You spend more time at work with your colleagues than you do anywhere else or with anyone else, so make it good.

Pic: FancyCrave
Pic: FancyCrave

2019 Digital Handbook by Hootsuite and We Are Social

Social Media Usage in Australia 2019

There are 18 million active social media users in Australia, that’s 72% of the total population. Not only is it two-thirds of the population, but it’s also up +5.9% from 2018. Incredible to see the growth in just one year, especially after the Facebook Zuckerberg data drama last year predicting social media users to drop. That’s great news for us here at New Beach Media but what other insight does it tell us?

2019 Most Active Social Media Platform – Digital Australia Report

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Youtube is now neck and neck with Facebook in regards to the most active platforms, followed by Facebook Messenger with 62% and then Instagram with 46%. It’s been a long battle between Facebook and YT and whilst most people expect Instagram to be bigger than YT, YT will always dominate in video engagement and also in the male demographic who, collectively, watch more video.

We’ve actually been receiving notifications from Facebook suggesting creating videos 3 minutes and longer, as they will be favoured organically. We can see Facebook pulling out all the stops to try and gain some of Youtube’s market share, but honestly we think that on Facebook, short sharp content will also do better unless it’s cinematic quality. The truth is, and always will be, that people go to Youtube to watch videos whilst people go to Facebook to find out what their friends are up to, see the latest trends, look for education (whether that’s news or cooking etc).

On Facebook, consumption of video occurs as distribution, not a purely viewing purpose like it is on YouTube.

Advertising to Social Audiences in 2019

2019 Advertiser Change on Platform – Digital Australia Report

We’re also starting to see the consistent drop in advertisers pulling out of Snapchat. The US figures also demonstrate the platform is not worthy of advertising. Snapchat in USA is down -15% QTR change in advertising, Australia is down -14%. Twitter always continue to be a very niche market of journalists and news hunters. It serves a purpose for some industries, but for most, the value is not there. It’s seen a drop in advertising that mirrors Instagram’s rise in ad spend, so it could be said that brands are funnelling their dollars into Instagram instead.

Page Reach Benchmarks in 2019

2019 Facebook Page Reach Benchmarks – Digital Australia Report

And lastly, benchmarks in relation to reach on Facebook. We’ve been super interested in this ever since the algorithm changes happened. Everywhere you read something different and it’s important to remember this can differ by industry. Hootsuite and We Are Social are reporting that organically, your posts will be seen to 6.9% of your page likes vs the total reach of 8.6%. These numbers are quite similar to Ogilvy in 2014 with 6% but the bigger the brand, the more likely it is to drop to 4-2%. Another article by Hubspot suggest the figure is more likely to be 6.5%. So in reading all of this, a brand should measure their organic reach success from anywhere bewteen 6-7% and if it’s more than that, like a lot of our clients, then you’re doing pretty well!

Summit To Sea: Byron Bay

Going back to a simpler life based on living by sufficiency rather than excess is not a step backward.”
— Yvon Chouinard

Byron Bay’s first ocean and conservation summit is set to take place at the Byron Theatre on Thursday 4th of April 2019.

Presented by Seabin Foundation in association with Patagonia,  SUMMIT TO SEA will be showcasing conservation efforts from all sectors and how inspiration, positivity and innovation can fast track progress in conservation. Living and working in Byron Bay, the ocean is our playground and us salty dogs at New Beach are keen to learn more about how we can make a difference in protecting our environment for generations to come.

The summit will have 16 speakers presenting in a TEDx style format with live music, coffee, dinner and some amazing raffle prizes.

Speakers will include:

Dave Rastovich – Patagonia Australia
Kees Jan Boonen – Booking.com
Sophie Hutch – Wild Ark
Julia Reisser – Minderoo Foundation
Kael Hudson – National Geographic Australia
James Perrin – Stone and Wood
Julian Mitchell – Lifecykel
Mahi Paquette – Seabin Foundation
Laura Wells
Michaela Skovranova
Natalia Giraldo – NSW EPA
Dan Henry – HP Australia
Rachel Draper – Tomra Collections Australia
Xavier Rudd
Josh Slabb

Find the full program here. All proceeds on the night will go towards Seabin Foundation for their Education, Science and Research programs. Tickets available now from Byron Theatre.

Designing Data

Visualise this:
5 brilliantly creative DataViz designs

It’s no secret that we’re data junkies here at New Beach Media. We geek out on absorbing the raw statistics and insightful metrics that are available to us in the digital landscape.

Apart from being data-driven, we’re also design-driven.

There’s no doubt that making data more visual makes it easier to see patterns, similarities and connections, and far more easy to understand.

Data visualisation is an overwhelmingly effective way to help create a compelling narrative. In presenting information through illustration, symbols, animation and simulations, it is more easily decipherable.

And, we reckon, much simpler to memorise. 😉

5 great examples of Data Visualisation

In our daily dealings with all things digital, we’re constantly uncovering really cool examples of how information can be delivered through stunning design and innovative delivery.

We’ve curated five of our favourite data visualisations for you to absorb and enjoy:

1. Top 15 Best Global Brands Ranking

A great example of using traditional data viz (a graph) and animating it against time to display direct comparisons, quickly.

Especially fascinating to those of us who work in the tech sector, this is like watching a 20 year horse race where the two with the longest odds come from the back to win:

2. A Day in the Life of a thousand people

This one, from a few years back, is from one of my favourite resources, Flowing Data. In this animated simulation, the amount of time people spend doing various activities, such as paid work, childcare, volunteering, and socialising, is represented by the moving data points.

Much like watching ants move en masse, seeing the patterns of human behaviour over the course of the day is both mesmerising and intriguing.

Data Visualisation People Simulation
A simulation of 1,000 people’s average day.
It’s based on 2014 data from the American Time Use Survey

Watch the full day’s simulation here.

3. Living Data

In a similar way to how pivot tables have enabled spreadsheets to amp up the info delivery, live data visualisations can really take a dull graph nek-level.

They have the ability to shift perspective, switch inputs and incorporate real-time data, making the information ‘come alive’ and really tell the story.

This concept and design by David McCandless is a great example:

4. Infographics

Daisy, our Strategy Director and resident statistical super-star, has a soft spot for infographics (and wine!), so this comprehensive visual guide by winefolly is her data visualisation pick.

Infographics have some pretty powerful stats behind them. They are known to increase traffic to a website by 12%, they are shared 3x more than any other content and 41.5% of marketers say infographics perform best.

“There’s no doubt that infographics are a great way to increase someone’s retention of information”, says Daisy. “Best cases are seen when trying to break down sequences of information that are not so ‘sexy’ …although everything about wine is sexy.”

Different Types of Wine Infographic

5. Interactive

More like a journey than a boring bunch of graphs and info, this interactive dataviz tour of The Internet of Things, from the excellent site Information is Beautiful, perfectly conveys a compelling narrative.

It is easily deciphered, visually fluid and allows the user to explore the dataset in their own way.

Data Visualisation - The Internet of Things
Concept & design: David McCandless

Visualise your Data

If you have a story to tell, and wish to deliver your data with stimulating graphics and delicious design, hit us up. We’d love to explore creative ways to turbo-boost your narrative and enlighten your audience through infographics, animation and compelling data visualisations.

What will we be drinking in the 20’s?

Here’s to the Future :
How will the global market be consuming beverages in 2022?

What will we be drinking in the 20s?
Whiskey is forecast to be one of the fastest growing spirits

A report from the trusted drinks market analysis team at IWSR beeped on our radar recently. Their global report drills deep into the growing trend of

  • mindful drinking among Millennials,
  • an emerging ‘Less, but better’ consumption pattern
  • how spirits are building aspirational appeal across the consumer base, partly fuelled by the growing craft sector.

Some key takeouts from IWSR’s Forecast Report:

“Product innovation, particularly flavour innovation, is helping to entice new demographics into spirits, particularly women.”


US whiskey

US whiskey is forecast to be one of the fastest growing spirits categories over the forecast period, growing with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.8%. A growing global interest in brown spirits, the popularity of major US whiskey brands and increased exploration of craft brands are fuelling growth of US whiskey across the majority of markets

Good news for a great brand like Southern Comfort. 😉

SoCo x New Beach : Part of the family

Mixed drinks, beer & cider

Mixed drinks will experience the largest volume gains, with an additional 25.9m cases consumed annually by 2022.

Still & Sparkling wines

  • The still wine category is forecast to grow to 2.4bn cases as global consumption increases by over 35m cases by 2022.
  • Sparkling wine is set to outperform the rest of the wine market as the category records a 1.6% CAGR across the forecast period.
  • Champagne is also expected to perform solidly with a CAGR of 1.5%, recording volume growth across all major regions.

Read more about forecasts for other alcohol categories in IWSR’s drinks market 2022 analysis here.

Generation Alpha : Better be ready

What comes after Gen Z?
Graphic: McCrindle Researchh

We’ve long been aware of the ‘pester power’ that kids hold over their parents, and the ways in which brands cleverly market their products to mini-consumers. What’s interesting to observe, is the increase in campaigns targeted directly to Generation Alpha, the tech-savvy offspring of Gen Y and early millenials.

Referring to those born between 2010 – 2025, Generation Alpha was coined by Aussie social researcher Mark McCrindle, who returned to the start of the Greek alphabet “to signify this different generation will be raised in a new world of technological integration”.

“The tables are turning and the kids are the decisionmakers, or at least a very powerful influencer”

Emma Hazan, Hotwire

Already many big brands are tapping into the buying power and opportunity this next gen will have. Child influencers as young as 7
are not kidding around. One of the top ones, Ryan, posts unboxing videos on his YouTube channel and can earn over $20 million a year, reviewing toys for his 18 million subscribers.

What years are Generation Alpha kids born between?

Recently, New Zealand Telco Spark celebrated the curiosity and influence of Alphas in their brilliantly executed ‘Generation Voice‘ campaign. (pic from the ad above)

“Today’s kids are going to grow up with voice assistants as a normal part of their lives, just like 90s kids did with mobile phones, and 80s kids with the internet.

Voice is another leap forward in the opportunities this generation is going to have, and that’s incredibly exciting to us”

Sarah Williams, brand COE lead, Spark

Here at New Beach Media, we’ve certainly seen the rise in voice-initiated search, through Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo and Google Home. It’s estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, so we’re already adapting our SEO skillset; incorporating more natural, conversational content in our clients’ sites, answering the questions that consumers, including Gen Alpha, are asking through their devices.

If your brand is ready to tap into the opportunities that voice search and digital assistants can deliver, or you want to explore some creative ways to reach and engage with Generation Alpha, give us a holler.

Image via Vanity Fair
Image via Vanity Fair

Fyre Festival Fiasco

A new Netflix documentary tells the story of the disastrous crash and burn of Fyre Festival aka “The Greatest Party That Never Happened”.

Fyre Festival Camp

The festival was sold by celebrity influencers and models on Instagram as a mini Coachella on Pablo Escobar’s Island in the Bahamas. Turns out the luxe beachside accommodation that was promised was more akin to disaster relief tents! The gourmet food was actually crummy cheese sandwiches and not one headline act was in sight. Guests sparked uproar as they were also promised a custom jet transfer to the island from Miami but instead, were left stranded in the airport waiting for hours.

At thousands of dollars a pop and described as an “immersive festival” over two “transformative weekends”, the VIP event was plugged on social media by some of the biggest names including Kendal Jenner, Hayley Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

Fyre Festival is a prime example of how heavily swayed millenials are by ‘influential’ people with large social media followings and how blurred the lines are between advertising and delivery of a product. It also highlights how little research ‘influencers’ do themselves in terms of what they’re actually promoting, showing a complete lack of transparency and authenticity. But as the saying goes money talks, bs walks!

In October 2018, festival organiser Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for wire fraud and ordered to forfeit US $26million. Along with jeopardising their credibility, the models in question are now under fire legally as they have been subpoenaed to reveal how much they were paid in court.

The bottomline is the world is watching and brands need to be very careful about what they promise and what they deliver. On social media; communication must have an authentic purpose and fakes will be easily be exposed. Transparency is key here. Connect with your community, live your purpose and stay true to your audience.

At New Beach we pride ourselves on creating meaningful campaigns with authentic content producers. Get in touch to find out more [email protected]

Made in Australia

Australian Made!

The stats are in, Roy Morgan’s latest data shows 90% of Australians claim they prefer to buy Australian made products.

Australian Made wooden chopping board

It’s true, Aussies love Aussie so when it comes to purchase decisions we all prefer to buy Australian Made (well 90% of us!). That’s great news for us here at New Beach Media as we grow our list of Australian made products from clients which currently include Eco Food Boards, Brookfarm & Byron Bay Candles. We’ll be recommending to all our local clients to optimise SEO and social to reflect this trend by making sure we include the search terms ‘Australian Made’ in descriptions and tags, a great way to capitalise on this trend.

Not surprisingly and in equal second place, we find our nearest neighbours New Zealand with 60%, up +7 percentage points from 2014 and the UK with 60%, up +5 percentage points.

Source: Roy Morgan

As consumers, our demand for product transparency from brands is growing year on year. No longer are we expected to just accept that the most affordable option on the market to purchase is ‘Made in China.’ China is still Australia’s biggest trade partner with worth almost $195 billion in 2017/2018 nearly that of all remaining top 3 trade countries combined, Japan ($78 billion), USA ($70 billion) and South Korea ($52 billion), however, it’s clear that the demand to move away from prodcuts made in China is high.

In fact, regardless of the Free Trade Agreement with China in 2015 which has attributed to most of the trade value with China, Australians are actually shifting away from the Chinese market with all products bought preferred to be Australian, even Electrical Goods and Motor Vehicles. Considering most of Australia’s car manufacturing ended in 2017, there is a clear consumer demand for vehicles which doesn’t appear to be going anywhere!

Source: Roy Morgan

So what does that mean for our clients? We’ll be updating SEO, social pages and any communications from the brand to capaitlise on this trend. Lucky for us it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Do you have an Australian-made product or service that needs marketing? Get in touch: [email protected]


Here at New Beach Media, we do love a good Netflix Binge. I’m personally loving NARCOS, Black Mirror and The Haunting of Hill House. One we do have to mention that we are super excited about is SPACE FORCE!

Netflix has announced a new series based on US President Donald Trump’s interesting SPACE FORCE proposal. The show will follow the Space Division, which is meant to protect satellites from attack, ‘or something.’

While the trailer is pretty minimal, you know it’s going to be good with the added line of “This is a story of the men and women who have to figure it out”. Featuring Steve Carell, and produced by the crew who made The Office, you’re guaranteed some top shelf comical value!

The Geeky Place – God of Wars Best Review.

I’m a gamer, otherwise known as a man-child.

It’s a well-known fact here in the office I love gaming, in the very little spare time I have (I also love zombie movies, anything Star Wars and pretty much anything that makes my wife’s eyes roll). So when I am interested in a game, I like to check out the reviews to make sure I am getting bang for my buck.

Enter videogamedunky. This guy pushes out no-nonsense reviews of new games and does not hold back. Which doesn’t always work in his favour as brands are a bit hesitant to send him anything to review in case he tears it to shreds. His take on the latest God of War is informative, yet he gives it a good bollocking where needed.

Check out his review below, I’ll be purchasing this bad boy for sure.

Future Dreamers Girls Club House | 3D Virtual

We’ve been hitting the ground running with our new virtual offering but whilst we’re working hard we always want to make sure we’re giving back to the local community and our new tech was the perfect way to do that. We visited our friends over at Future Dreamers to offer them a virtual tour of their house pro bono so all the locals could immerse themselves in their environment and find out what it’s like to visit this not for profit girls club. Check out the incredible space below.

Do you have a space you want digitalised? Get in touch to find out how we can create an amazing online experience for you.

Daisy Crawford | +61 405 636 972

[email protected]

Five Breakthrough Technologies That Will Change the World

Over the next five years, the world as we know it will undoubtedly transform.

We only have to look back five years to see how our tech, devices, language and our very behaviour has changed quite dramatically. Adoption of the share economy, the Internet of Things, facial recognition, Siri, peak social media … they all seemed far-fetched in 2013, but are part of our daily lives now.

With this rapid rate of change evident, it’s interesting to unveil predictions of what may come in the next half decade.

IBM’s flagship conference Think 2018 is a first-of-its-kind technology conference being held this week in Las Vegas. With live broadcasts, real-time sessions and some really bloody bright minds delivering keynotes, it’s a pretty revolutionary series of events.

Kicking off the conference was a ‘Science Slam’ : Unveiling 5 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Change the World which was fascinating to watch live and is available to view in replay here.  Five expert speakers delivering short narrative stories, which are a great way to engage with an audience (live or online) in five-minute bursts of informal talks.  Like speed-dating a TED talk.

Obviously, having IBM scientists & researchers delivering speeches at an IBM conference is akin to marketing ice to eskimos. There’s a lot of back-patting and optimism contained in the content.  But there are also some genuinely revolutionary breakthroughs being discussed.

Get ready for these five changes to the world as we know it:

1. Blockchain & crypto-anchors

Blockchain Crypto AnchorsCounterfeiting of products, ingredients and pharmaceuticals is a global problem. Using trusted technology such as blockchain, crypto-anchors will halve the number of counterfeit goods that contribute to health and safety issues. 

Embedded in products, in the DNA in rice, in the very weave of paper, crypto-anchors cannot be cloned. Its ‘uniqueness’ can be recognised by A.I.

Used to authenticate medicine, food or genuine car parts, this tech has the ability to save lives. 

2. New Encryption Techniques

Cecilia Boschini explained how Lattice based cryptography can provide a full upgrade of security structures so that not even quantum computers could crack the code. Using unexpected applications of number theory & math, she describes it as “the art of designing protocols to protect data”  

3. Robot powered AI microscopes

Who knew that plankton could be our heroes?

Plankton produce 2/3rds of the oxygen we breathe and they live in a complex eco-system that’s hard to observe. Under threat from a variety of human activities, such as plastic pollution, scientists are finding that they are not faring well.

In the next 5 years we’ll be able to monitor them in their own environment by using AI and remote sensing technologies (like the ones that are already in phone camera sensors that drive face-recognition) to build tiny microscopes to alert scientists before possible catastrophe.

4. Bias in AI data sets

In a world where people are increasingly retreating into their own filter-bubbles (thanks, Facebook), we can understand the importance of inclusion and diversity in shaping AI.

Francesca Rossi is an AI researcher who regularly consults with philosophers, ethicists, scientists, educators & economists and believes that a multi-disciplinarian environment is crucial in understanding and contributing to the issues.

If we want our AI systems to contribute to human society, then it’s important to eradicate the bias that humans can bring (even if it’s unconscious) and train that data to detect and mitigate bias in systems.  She closes in saying that by improving AI, we might just improve ourselves.


AI, data

5. Quantum computers

Dr Talia Gershon explains some new ways of building systems and scalable technologies through quantum computing that will require a whole range of breakthroughs across STEM disciplines… and fundamentally change the way we think.

quantum computingPredictions of quantum theory entering mainstream teachings go some way to show how we will soon change the way we think, and then adopt quantum computing through their IBMq network.This is their industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science.

The theory – and background physics behind quantum – are a total mind-melt and could explode your head if you’re not careful.  We’ve been trying to keep up on this deep, deep topic for a while now… but as Dr Gershan helpfully explains, it’s not possible to apply classical thinking to quantum. Linear, logic thinking just doesn’t work here.

That’s a relief.


This science slam at IBM’s 2018 Think Conference was a thought-provoking glimpse into the inevitable changes that will take place in technology between now and 2023. We look forward to finding more insights and inspiration over the coming days of the event… and over the coming years in our world.

New Beach Virtual | 3D Virtual Tours

We are now open for virtual reality business!

At New Beach, we’re always looking to give our clients and customers the most innovative digital solutions so we’re excited to announce that we now can offer 3D Virtual Reality tours as part of our services.


3D tours are the most engaging way to increase leads by showcasing your living, event venues, commercial or tourist attraction spaces.

Real Estate 3D Tours have shown to increase inquiries 80% with an average of 52% increased time on a listing.

Check out our virtual reality 3D tour below with our client Rockinghorse Studios. And the best part? All our 3D Virtual tours come with virtual reality enabled technology, which means you can put those swanky goggles on and really get to know a space! Get in touch today to find out how we can get your business in the virtual reality game!

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Daisy Crawford | +61 405 636972
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The state (and stats) of Social : Sensis Report 2017

Social Media Stats

It’s that time of year when digital geeks and Social Media addicts like us get their fix of the stats, graphs & shiny percentage growths from their ‘enabler’, the Sensis Social Media Report.

What we most love about this trusty research, apart from its concise nature and easy-to-eat graphics, is that it reports specifically (and thoroughly) on the state of social media in Australia.  As with many pursuits, we do things differently in this wide land. It’s great to have fresh insights into the usage, adoption and other trends across the social platforms by our own audiences and brands.

Gathering information from 800 consumers and 1100 Australian Businesses, the report delivers some interesting figures on the growth of Social Media in Australia and on how people are using it.  Most tellingly, 8 in 10 Australians are on social, a climb of 10 points since 2016.  Also worth noting are the times of day when people here are using social media. We froth on intel like this… it guides us in the scheduling and posting of content for our brands, allowing us to gain maximum reach at the best times.



Australian Social Media Usage

Source: Sensis Social Media Report 2017


When it comes to brands and big businesses, it’s reported that Aussie users show “increased levels of trust for brands that interact with customers in a positive way on social media (up from 52% to 64%) and businesses with engaging and relevant content (up from 52% to 63%).”

There are growing indicators that people are more likely to check out a brand’s social media vibe before making a purchase, too. When people were asked what was most likely to deter them from following a brand, ‘irrelevant content’, ‘too many ads’ and ‘excessive content’ were the reasons given.


As to why people are following, conversing and engaging with brands on social, well the reasons differ:

Reasons for following brands on Social Media

Source: Sensis Social Media Report 2017

For brands, the objectives are somewhat clearer: “The leading reason why businesses use social media is to assist the marketing and sales function. Providing a line of contact is also a relatively influential factor. ”  For our beloved brands, it’s a similar story: having platforms where that 2-way communication can exist, as well as getting authentic & entertaining content out to targeted audiences is invaluable.

An interesting stat that we found validates our efforts (Yay us!!) is that 100% of Large Businesses who outsource their social strategies are trusting them to a Digital, Web or Internet Agency (such as New Beach Media ), over PR agencies or Specialist Social Media agencies.

Makes sense, really.

To produce the kind of content that gets the right reactions, having a full service agency with a nimble team is desirable. With the ability to shoot, create, post, boost & report, we really are the ‘one-stop shop’ that bigger brands are seeking.


Large Businesses Outsource Social Media

Social Media Budget Allocation

Source: Sensis Social Media Report 2017




The full 2017 Sensis Social Media Report is a worthy read, even if your eyes normally glaze over at stats. It serves as an insightful guide of how we ride this behemoth wave that is Social Media in Australia.

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